HMG Southwest 3400
HMG Southwest 3400
HMG Southwest 3400

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Southwest 3400’s “Gear of the Year, 2015”

Streamlined and optimized to help you avoid snagging your pack on the sharp, prickly vegetation that fills America’s deserts, the 3400 Southwest replaces the Windrider’s mesh outer pockets with solid Dyneema® Hardline exterior pockets, but is otherwise the same award-winning pack. Utilize this minimalist pack for bushwhacking adventures, winter excursions or for ultralight thru hikes on the Pacific Crest Trail or the Continental Divide Trail where resupply opportunities are less frequent. Made from 100% waterproof Dyneema® Composite Fabrics (formerly Cuben Fiber), the 3400 Southwest is highly durable and weatherproof.


2.02 lbs | 32.4 oz | 918g (White)
2.10 lbs | 33.6 oz | 953g (Black)


  • Made in Maine
  • Three external, solid Dyneema® Hardline pockets
  • Removable, contoured aluminum stays 
  • Dyneema® Hardline shoulder straps with 3/8” closed cell foam and spacer mesh
  • 1/4” foam back panel pad
  • Compression System
    • Roll-Top closure system with side compression straps for vertical compression
    • Side compression straps for horizontal compression
    • Top Y-strap compression -- Designed to secure gear
  • Dyneema® Hardline hip belt with 1/8” closed cell rigid foam, 3/8” closed cell foam and spacer mesh
  • Dyneema® Hardline zippered pockets on hip belt with #5 YKK zipper
  • Adjustable sternum strap with self-tensioning elastic
  • Ice Axe loop
  • Hydro port and internal mesh hydro sleeve
  • Four exterior triglide buckles for optional pack accessory straps
  • Proprietary seam sealing on all side seams and behind all sewn-on pack features
  • Proudly designed and hand-built in the USA.  
  • American Made Means Quality
"The 3400 Southwest is a bomber multi-day backpack geared for tough adventures that would rip most other ultralight-style packs to shreds"

Review by "Malayan Tiger" dated 21 April 2015
"The very best for the Rainforest Jungle.

Tried my Southwest since 2012 against the mighty Rainforest of Malaysian Jungle. Yes, we do have thousands of destructive elements that can easily wreck a branded outdoor gear up in here.  Rocks, plants, mud, animals, you named it. Trust me on this; I had tried lots of famous brand before. The unexpected climate change is the biggest issue. You can have a sunny sunshine and a rainstorm in the same day!  So, having a pack that can withstand the elements and in the same time deliberately build for ultra light purpose is something what I’m looking for. For me it’s a 9.9/10 of perfection. The other 0.1 factor is just about its white cuben material, which I know, will never able to turn white again after having a mud contamination. Today I'm very happy to see that the Southwest pack comes in black and double the happiness it’s fully made of 150d cuben hybrid. As it for me now it’s a 100 % of pure perfection! Can’t wait to have another one. Totally worth the money spent."

HMG Southwest 3400 HMG Southwest 3400
HMG Southwest 3400 HMG Southwest 3400
HMG Southwest 3400 HMG Southwest 3400
HMG Southwest 3400 HMG Southwest 3400
HMG Southwest 3400 HMG Southwest 3400
HMG Southwest 3400  
HMG Southwest 3400
HMG Southwest 3400